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  • I only have one theme: 1% Better.
  • It’s all I needed to achieve the impossible.
  • It’s a plan simple enough for someone with DS to follow.
  • It’s also simple enough for someone with DS to explain it.
  • It’s also inspiring enough for anyone to do it.
  • If I can do so much with so little, IMAGINE what YOU can do.


Tired of the same old expert speakers and authors who talk about their research? 

How about trying someone who has done something that everyone said couldn’t be done but I did it anyway?

My first keynote presentation

I delivered this speech to 1,000+ people at an HMH Sales conference. This has lead to many more speeches currently limited by school and Ironman training.

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Sample Clients

“Chris Nikic is a bad-ass young man. It’s just that simple. His story was an inspiration at our virtual Global Sales Kick Off in 2021. We all committed to one another to get 1% better every day and it’s working.”
Ed Calnan
Founder + CRO at Seismic
The video from Chris played out at our Sales Kick-off meeting. Every attendee was glued to their screens as they followed Chris as he detailed his journey, his challenges and ultimately his achievement. The message of getting 1% better every day resonated with everyone in attendance as we see great parallels in overcoming the challenges we face as we go forward in 2021. Thank you for helping Chris inspire our team!
Ken Holditch
National Sales Manager - SICK Ltd
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This presentation was amazing. I am still sobbing. Please extend my gratitude to Chris who absolutely rocks!
Marina Aslanyan
Chief Executive Officer - SmartLinx
“I am a Partner at JMA Ventures, a real estate investment and development firm in San Francisco. After seeing Chris’ story and triumphs, I wanted to share his powerful message with my colleagues, friends and family. Chris’ 1% better and no excuse mindset is not only applicable to athletics but also to work and everyday life. His engaging speech that included his dad and mom was incredible. We learned about the challenges of Down Syndrome and also about the focused resilience that Chris has had to show he is just a normal dude like everyone else but with the right mindset has been able to overcome his obstacles. The speech was complimented by celebrating my 40th birthday with a 40-mile run, Chris Nikic style! I will forever now have instilled in me the realization from Chris that the impossible is possible and that mindset is everything. Thank you for sharing your incredible story and for giving an amazing speech.”
Kevin Morgan
Partner Real Estate Acquisitions San Francisco Bay Area


I love to meet new people and share my story! I’ve had the pleasure of being on several podcasts, shows, and videos this year and they are SO FUN.

Interested in scheduling an interview or having me on your show?


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