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1% BetterReaching my Full Potential and How You Can Too

If you have read only one article about Chris Nikic, you were likely hooked and wanted to read more.

This inspiring young man, who in November 2020 became the first person with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN (and verified by Guinness World Records), has become famous.

All across the globe, people followed his pursuit and cheered him on, but in this book Chris and his father, Nik, will give the how-to behind his success—getting better 1% at a time—which is something everyone can do in any area of their lives.

1% BetterThe Chris Nikic Story

Want to share my message with kids?

My illustrated children’s book is the perfect way to share my story.

What would they do if they knew they could not fail? My story will inspire them to BELIEVE they can achieve more with a simple PLAN I follow to build a 1% Better HABIT.